Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In the ER with another Ileus Attack.

I drove Rebecca to the ER this time rather than calling 911. She had to sit in a wheel chair awhile before they could find a room with a bed. Her back was hurting bad and she wanted to lay down. I guess I should have called 911 and we would not have had that problem.

The X-ray confirmed she had the blockage in the intestines which is called an ileus. Her's could be due to the pain medication, spinal nerve damage, the damage from the radiation treatment she had a couple of years ago, or something else. This is very painful. It is like a twisted gut. She had a fundal placation about 20 years ago and she cannot vomit. She just has dry heaves which causes more pain.

They put a nasal tube down into her stomach and that has given her some relief. She is still nauseated but doing better than when we first arrived here.

This same thing happened about six weeks ago. They are going to admit her and do a Cat Scan with contrast to see if they can determine what is causing this.

Her blood counts have recovered to the low end of the normal range. Her platelets were 130. They were about 90 two weeks ago and about 40 four weeks ago. It is good to know her bone marrow is still working pretty good.

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