Friday, July 16, 2010

Freelite Test Results

Rebecca’s lower back pain seems to be getting worse. The doctor increased the pain medication from 80 mg three times a day to 100 mg three times a day. The instant break through pain medication seems to have lost its effectiveness. Her tolerance for this pain medication may be on the increase. She has an appointment with a pain clinic to see what they can do. She has been there before and has had about three epidurals. She had mixed results with those.

We received some of the lab results from the blood draw of 7/9/2010.

IgG 430 mg/dl (700 - 1600
IgA 55 mg/dl (70 - 400)
IgM 13 mg/dl (40 - 230)
IEP - No monoclonal band identified.
Kappa Free Light Chains 9.251 mg/l (3.3 - 19.4)
Lambda Free Light Chains 17.7 mg/l (5.7 - 26.3)
Kappa/Lambda FLC ratio 1.91 (0.26 - 1.65)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

No Stem Cell Transplant in the Near Future

We went to UAB on 7 July for a second opinion and the possibility of doing a stem cell harvest. The doctor had reservation about doing a stem cell transplant due to her general conditions. The compression fractures that are causing pain and poor mobility, the digestive tract that is not functioning properly and causing pain, and the peripheral neuropathy.

We had a doctors appointment with our regular oncologist on 9 July. It was decided to take 0.7 mg/M2 of Velcade that day and then discontinue taking it anymore due to the peripheral neuropathy. She also started a dose of melphalan which is 8 mg per day for four days. She will take this again in five weeks. She also had blood drawn for a Freelite test. The results of this test usually take about a week.

Here are some of her lab results from 7/9/10:

WBC = 8.1 (4.8 - 10.8)
RBC = 3.32 (4.2 - 5.4)
HGB = 11.5 (12.0 - 16.0)
PLT = 137 (130 - 400)