Monday, May 30, 2011

My Mountain Bike Ride today.

Had a good ride around the mountain today. It was a little warm late in the ride and I over heated alittle.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Lambda Continues to Increase

The Lambda free light proteins went from 72 to 109 mg/l in a three week period ending 9 May. This was right after taking the Malphalan and Dex. So it appears it is not working very well. The next choice will be 10 mg/day of Revlimid. We plan to wait until her blood counts recover better.

The platelets are recovering slowly. They only went from 26 to 33 in ten days ending 9 May. Her hemoglobin was at 12.5 after the infusion of 2 units of red blood cells. It dropped to 10.5 ten days later. I assume the infused ones die at a faster rate than your own new ones.

The one good indicator this time was the Kappa free light proteins increased from1.8 to 10. This would indicate her immune system increased in the direction of normal. The normal range of Kappa is 2.6 to 16.5 mg/l.

The peripheral neuropathy seems to be getting a little worse. The back pain from the compression fractions seems to be worse after we go to doctor appointments due to the more activity. The gut is still causing a lot of discomfort and doesn’t appear to be working very well.

I am showing two plots of the increases in the Lambda. The one starts with the level when she was diagnosed. This is to keep in perspective that although it is increaseing at an increasing rate it is still much lower than when she was diagnosed.