Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Continuing with Revlimid and Dex

We are hoping the Revlimid and Dex will do a number on the myeloma.  Rebecca is still doing a good job of putting up with all the difficulties of this monster.  She has been taking 25 mg/day of Revlimid on a 21 day cycle on and 7 days off along with 8 mg of Dex on days 1, 8, and 15.
The 24 hour urine test on 12/30/11 showed a little over 600 mg of Bence Jones protein.  This is the Lambda free light chain protein secreted by the myeloma cells that make it through the kidneys into the urine.  It is important that these pass through the kidneys and not clog the kidney filters up.  She has been keeping her fluid intake up.  This number was 3647 mg/24hrs on 2/27/09 when she was diagnosed.  Her creatinine has been stable at 1.1 for the last year.