Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Visit to the Gastroenterologist

We went to the gastroenterologist yesterday. He gave her a prescription for domperidone. I drew a blank at the first three pharmacies. The FDA has not approved this drug. It is used in other countries. There is a cardiac arrest risk. I think it is pretty low and may be associated with the IV application.

He also wants her to have an x-ray with barium. That is scheduled tomorrow.

We have an appointment with another pain clinic on Monday. Hopefully they will have some options for the compression fractures.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Still in the Hospital

They took an x-ray the next day and the blockage had resolved. They left the tube in until the second day to make sure she didn't need it any more. They first put her on a clear liquid diet. Then when she did okay with that they let her have some solids.

Her platelets tested 130 the first day and 104 this morning. The doctor said she could go home today. The potassium and magnesium tested low today. Now they want us to wait until another blood test to check on these again. So we have to wait until 6:30 to take the blood for the magnesium test. It will be late today before we get out of here.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In the ER with another Ileus Attack.

I drove Rebecca to the ER this time rather than calling 911. She had to sit in a wheel chair awhile before they could find a room with a bed. Her back was hurting bad and she wanted to lay down. I guess I should have called 911 and we would not have had that problem.

The X-ray confirmed she had the blockage in the intestines which is called an ileus. Her's could be due to the pain medication, spinal nerve damage, the damage from the radiation treatment she had a couple of years ago, or something else. This is very painful. It is like a twisted gut. She had a fundal placation about 20 years ago and she cannot vomit. She just has dry heaves which causes more pain.

They put a nasal tube down into her stomach and that has given her some relief. She is still nauseated but doing better than when we first arrived here.

This same thing happened about six weeks ago. They are going to admit her and do a Cat Scan with contrast to see if they can determine what is causing this.

Her blood counts have recovered to the low end of the normal range. Her platelets were 130. They were about 90 two weeks ago and about 40 four weeks ago. It is good to know her bone marrow is still working pretty good.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Chemo Fog is Lifting

We had another free light test on 26 May. The number increase from 109 to 127 mg/l in two weeks. Rebecca has been getting back to some normalcy since not having any chemo or Dex in a few weeks. She is back on the computer and making big “to do lists” for me. Her normalcy is not good since she still has a lot of back pain and little mobility. But to not be in the chemo fog and the bowel function returning in the direction of normal makes a big difference.

We have another doctors appointment this Thursday. Also another free light test. We normally do these every month but the doctor has increased the frequency of these. I guess because they are increasing. She is suppose to start on Rev next week if the blood counts are good this Thursday.

It would be interesting to see what her free light chain numbers would do if she stayed off chemo for a while longer. If they would hover at a number below a 1000 mg/l and she didn’t have any complications with the effects of the higher level of myeloma it might be better to stay off the chemo for a while. But then there is the theory that the more you let the cancer grow the harder it may be to knock it back down with treatment.

6/5/11 Monte Sano, Huntsville, AL by geweber49 at Garmin Connect - Details

6/5/11 Monte Sano, Huntsville, AL by geweber49 at Garmin Connect - Details

Had a good ride today.  It was a little warm and humid but I didn't push it to hard.  If I back off when my heart rate goes above 140 I tend to stay out of heat stress.