Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Treatment Plan

The Lambda light chain number doubled in the last month.  We had an appointment with our Doctor today to discuss this.  He is recommending we change to a different treatment plan.  She will stop the current treatment plan today and take a break until next Tuesday.  Then she will take 1 mg/meter squared of Velcade on days 1 and 8 along with 20 mg of Dex and 20 mg a day of Revlimid on days 1 to 14 and then take 7 days off for a 21 day cycle.  The Velcade will be given subcutaneous.  She had taken this before as IV and developed peripheral neuropathy and still has it.  So if it makes this worse she will have to discontinuous taking it.
The other issue is that her blood counts have been decreasing since she started taking the Revlimid.  Her platelets is down to 47 now.  Her immune system is also compromised.